How to copy music from one iPod to another

IPods continue to be the most popular MP3 music players in the world. Currently, Apple sells four different iPod models that include the Shuffle, Touch, Nano and Classic. You can transfer music from one iPod to another using iTunes software. You only need to create a custom list of songs that you want to load and then synchronize with the new device.

Step 1

Connect your first iPod to your computer with the included USB cable. Wait for iTunes to recognize it.

Step 2

Do lic on the iPod icon in the left column of iTunes. Select the “Music” tag. Choose “Sync the entire music library” and then click the “Apply” button. Wait for the iPod to finish the synchronization, then disconnect it.

Step 3

Click on the plus sign in the lower left corner of iTunes to create a playlist. Write the name of your new list. Click and drag each song you want to copy over the icon of it.

Step 4

Connect the second iPod to your computer with the USB cable. Press the “Cancel” button when iTunes asks you automatically if you want to synchronize it with the music library.

Step 5

Click on the iPod icon in the left column. Choose the “Music” tab and then the “Sync music” option. Click on the circle below for “Playlists, artists and selected albums”. Choose the list you already created. Click on the “Apply” button and iTunes will start copying the music files to the device.