What is Adobe Reader Speed ​​Launcher?

Adobe Reader Speed ​​Launcher is a small program that comes bundled with Adobe Reader and is used to shorten the time needed to start the Adobe Reader application. The Adobe Reader application is a free application used to view and edit PDF files.

Schedule execution

Located in the common boot folder, Adobe Reader Speed ​​Launcher is an application that starts automatically when you log in or boot your Windows PC. It runs only once at startup or login, and it opens and closes all the files Adobe Reader will use when it starts. This is done so that the files are already pre-included in the memory of your system when you choose to use the Adobe Reader application.

Version history

Adobe Speed ​​Launcher was introduced in Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Acrobat 3D when Reader and Acrobat were in version 7.0. Since then it has been included with these applications, since it became more robust and took more time to open in later versions.

Disable the program

Disabling the Adobe Speed ​​Launcher application is as easy as navigating to the ‘Start-up’ folder and moving the Speed ​​Launcher application to the trash.

Need for the program

Although this program is good for Adobe Reader speed purposes, it may slow down logon at boot times. If you do not use Adobe Reader on a regular basis, and you feel that it is taking too long to boot your computer, it is recommended to disable this application.